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Tag & List Your Stuff

To be notified when a lost possession is found & reported.
The basic service is free.

Top Features

Your Safety
The QR code holds no user info
Your Item's Safety
The QR code holds no item data
Lost Briefly - Not Forever
Get your stuff back fast!
Peace of Mind
The system works just for you
Be More Masterful
Useful possession management
Get items on your terms & time

What’s the Big Idea?

Nobody likes losing stuff. Trouble is, everybody loses stuff. When you lose a possession that is stickered with a QRascal QR code, the system notifies you when it is found so you can get it back fast. This saves you time, money and trouble.

How Can It Be Free?

QRascal provides a solution that works for everyone. But in order for everyone to benefit, the system must be affordable and for some people that means free. QRascal is committed to providing free QR Codes and free basic service that anyone can use. It’s just the right thing to do.

Free is better. As more people join the network, the better the system works for everyone.

  • Users already understand how the QRascal system works.
  • Users have a smartphone equipped with a QR reader.
  • Like you, they have stuff that could become lost some day. Hopefully you’ll care about their lost stuff because they cared about your lost stuff.

QRascal may be powered by technology, but it runs on empathy – caring people just like you.